"Straight from the heart.....about the a heart surgeon"




                             Why has this been website been designed?                                                        

During the course of my cardiac surgical journey encompassing three continents, a commonality surfaced...that when a family member or a close friend has a heart attack or any major event related to the heart, panic and anxiety set in.


To help deal with these worried moments,to understand the ailments well,to learn about heart care processes and protocols and to comprehend all aspects of heart surgery - benefits, risks, finances, recovery time, life afterwards -  I have self designed this website for one and all. This website is essentially designed for the non medical person and is planned on being as simplistic as possible. 


All information is written in a simple, easy to understand language and is constantly updated as per national and international guidelines.


It's important that the patient and the relatives fully understand all facts related to a particular heart ailment before they give consent for it. Do not hesitate to ask your treating doctor any question you have in mind. It is your right to do so and so very vital before you entrust the surgeon with your heart - the chief organ in the human body: the first living and the last dying.


On the Pics and videos of surgeries page, there are actual photographs of heart surgeries. If you do not think you will be able to see them, please do not venture there.



                                                                                                                                     12 lead ECG



                                                                               2D Echocardiogram



                                                                          Coronary Angiogram    












      Octopus stabilizer                                                                            Mechanical valve   

                       Tissue valve                                                                                      Annuloplasty ring 

                Annuloplasty band                                                                            Composite graft