"Straight from the heart.....about the a heart surgeon"

Pics of heart surgeries done by me

A few commonly done procedures are illustrated along with a few interesting cases....


               Aortic valve replacement in a 22 yr old boy who presented with a heart block.


           Diseased aortic valve                                   Diseased aortic valve excised       



          Prosthetic valve sized                                                                               Metallic prosthetic valve excised        


Aortic valve replacement with a tissue valve


                                              Mitral Valve Replacement (tissue valve)


AML excised, PML preserved…..looking into the LV cavity         Valve seated with holder in place – half the sutures tied and cut



            Holder out… look at the valve                                    Mitral valve replacement (metallic valve)


Coronary artery bypass grafting (CABG) X 2. LIMA to LAD, RSVG to OM                     CABG X 3                 



 Off pump CABG (OPCAB)

  Arterial graft to LAD & venous graft               OM graft                      Positioner (Starfish) & Stabilizer (Octopus)



          Tricuspid annuloplasty - sutures in annulus                                       Tricuspid annuloplasty ring implanted



                                      Aortic root replacement of a large 8 cm ascending aortic aneurysm

 AAA at the commencement of surgery                         AAA excised                            Composite graft sizing           


             Graft being sewn in                                 Final result                          Patient on evening of surgery



   Closure of a large hole (ASD) in the heart in a 39 yr old man with severe pulmonary hypertension

                Large ASD as seen after opening the RA                                   Flap valve patch closure done                                                                          


      Repair of a since-birth (congenital) heart defect - Ruptured sinus of valsalva aneurysm - Aorta to RA

                 Aneurysm as seen from aorta                                     Communication between aorta and RA    



                                                                                Closure of track at the RA end














More pictures coming soon....